Mike Trombetta in Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Jim Hutchinson sent the following clipping from Honolulu Star-Bulletin Dave Donnelley's column of Oct. 1, 1996 (back when Mike Trobetta's business was small.)  Jim also sent his email to Mike during the week before Thanksgiving, 2006:

Mike T.
nice work and maybe if you are not too busy you can suit up with the prep squad and play Mike Garrett before the USC game this weekend Have a great Thanksgiving
Jim Hutch

PIZZA and matzohs: Harpo's owner and founder Mike Trombetta, who now has six Oahu locations and counting, found Harpo's ranked 60th out of the nation's top 100 independent pizza chains in Pizza Today magazine. Unlike some Harpo's locations on the mainland, his outlets here have such goodies as Thai chicken, Mediterranean chicken or artichoke pesto pizza one can choose …