Eddie Kurtz – three novels published 2011

Thanks to John Walsh for forwarding this announcement from Eddie Kurtz in New Orleans, who has published three novels suitable for flanking A Confederacy of Dunces on everyone’s bookshelf.  Eddie may be the most creative member of our class, though he has competition from some of the excuses given by Pat Hermann and Dick Farina for failure to submit papers.

Dec. 9, 2011

Dear Friends, Relatives, Colleagues, and Assorted Off-beat People Everywhere

As you may or may not know, I have spent a good deal of time the last few years writing novels about stories that intrigued me for one reason or another. I wanted to let you know that my first three novels, Sex & Gravity, August in New Orleans, and My Casanova were recently published as multi-format ebooks by Smashwords (smashwords.com). All three books are now available for an initial discount of 50% until March 15, 2012

Sex & Gravity tells the story of Snooky Barnes, former one-hit-wonder New Orleans musician, and now family man and high school physics teacher, in a mid-life crisis that sends him careening off across the country in search of love, sex and a regaining of his lost musical mojo. On a wild, Kerouac-esque bolt to find what he thinks is the love of his life, he encounters a parade of wild, engrossing adventures, and zany and endearing characters that come into his life on his search for love. While he doesn’t get the girl, he finally gets his career and mojo back, and learns unexpected life lessons, and surprise twists of fate that change his him forever.

August in New Orleans is the story of a writer who returns home to New Orleans in 2005 amid success with a novel, LEVEES, based very loosely on her family and past life there. While home, she confronts the pains of a dysfunctional family, a history of dark, hidden events, and a sister with whom she has always had a painful, antagonistic, emotionally crippling relationship. The arrival of Hurricane Katrina changes all that, and puts everything at risk, including her life and those around her. As the city is destroyed by the hurricane, her family and life are almost destroyed also, but are pulled back from the abyss through bravery, love and eventual reconciliation.

My Casanova tells the story of a young, female history professor who, seeking a boost to both her personal and professional life, writes a biography and critique of Casanova, perhaps history’s most famous male seducer, from a modern, liberated woman’s view point. Complications and trouble ensues when Casanova comes back to her in various forms and permutations to argue his case, and influence her judgment of him and his morality, especially with regard to his relationship with women. Double trouble comes in the form of the handsome, dashing, sometimes womanizing publisher who takes a chance on her and her book, and gradually becomes the real, living Casanova in her life.

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Here’s the direct link to my book page, where you can read a summary of each book and sample the books for no charge, or purchase them:


Until March 15, 2002, each of these books features an electronic coupon for a 50% discount per download. The download price with these coupons is $2.00.

Use the following discount coupon codes for each book to get the discount at purchase.

Sex & Gravity- FB46F

August in New Orleans- AU58H

My Casanova- DU74U

If you would, and if you’re so motivated, please take a moment to spread the word about my books to anyone and everyone you know who you think may be interested.

Thank you so much for your support!



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Coming in 2012!!

1968– A story of friendship, hope, tragedy and enduring love amid the cataclysmic, world shattering political and social events of 1968.

Devil’s Food– A modern Faustian fable about a devil’s own take on evil, the religious dogma of Sister Katherine, and the metaphorical importance of baseball.