Welcome to the class notes serving the Notre Dame class of 1968.

Classmates and friends of the Notre Dame Class of 1968,

In addition to reading new and old class notes – with the ability to search for names – you can submit photos and comments of your own.

Using the file directory at the right, you can navigate to pages set aside for various kinds of news

We can use the blog to leave comments, too.  In order to add your comment, you will have to register.  If you want to post photographs or new articles, send me your username at tfigel@reputecture.com and I will take care of the blog administration needed.  You can also email me the note or the photo with instructions and I will post the material for you.

If you attend a game, look for the Class of 1968 flag.  There, between the stadium and Legends (once the Senior Bar), you will find many of your friends.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the class notes serving the Notre Dame class of 1968.

  1. Just a note on who is coming to the reunion. Mike Coleman, Jim Ewing, Andy Kelly, Mike Wolf, Mike Cooney and Mike Murray are all planning to attend with wives except Andy’s. Let me know if someone should be added to this list. Should be a blast!!!

    • ND 1968 Class President, Michael H Minton, will attend with his partner Sandy. They are both booking forward to this exciting event.

  2. Just wanted to float a kite to Tom McKenna. said to be recovering from hip replacement and anticipating knee surgery.

    I’m a survivor of six – count ’em – knee surgeries, including four knee replacements. I wish Tom all success with his surgeries. Is there a secret to surviving knee replacements, which are among the most painful of all medical procedures?

    Two things: exercise the joint as vigorously as you are able while bedridden; and, do not be stingy with the painkillers. Take all the Dilaudid they will give you, because, brother, you will need it!

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