45th Reunion of the Class of 1968

The reunion will begin Thursday, May 30, 2013 and conclude Sunday, June 2, 2013.  In between, we’ll do plenty of what we always do when we get together: have fun.

Register for the reunion at http://reunion.nd.edu.  As usual, you can dice and slice a little, with the full magilla (per person) priced at $310.  The price goes up in early May.

Be sure to watch the blog for announcements you won’t find in the regular reunion packet:

  • · Time and location of the class tattoo
  • · Climbing of the Dome
  • · Important SMC phone numbers
  • · Area “Early Bird” Dining Offers
  •   Chris Murphy’s PIN


Professor Don Costello’s Toast to the Year 1968

delivered June 5, 2003 at Sunny Italy Café:



“I’ve often offered a toast to people; but is it legitimate to toast a year?  Only, I would think, if it’s a very special year.  I know a year within our lifetimes which is so special it has become mythic, a reverberating part of American culture.  It’s a year that is more than historical; it’s defining.  It’s the single year that defines social conscience, change, beginnings, yet it contains multitudes, contradictions: violence, anger, yet peace and love, fear and heroism.  It means, of course, police riots and bombed-out churches and assassinations, but at Notre Dame it also means growth, and study, and commitment, and friendship and love and remembering.  Every class graduates, but not every class rises to the challenge of a mythic year.  This one did.  So please join me in a toast to 1968!”

John Tracy honor during Chicago basketball game February, 2013

(Received from Tom McKenna by way of Bryan Dunigan)

1964 Brother Rice graduate John Tracy honored by both Brother Rice and St. Ignatius (two Chicago high schools) before game on February 20, 2013.  John Tracy is the Brother Rice Crusaders’ 4th leading scorer, a member of the Chicago Catholic League Hall of Fame and a former St. Ignatius Boys Basketball Head Coach and Dean.

From Tom McKenna: High School Cube actually sent along a highlight version, so here is just the clip of the pre-game ceremony:


John W. Broderick death – Feb. 15, 2013

John W. Broderick of Ludington, Michigan passed away at home at the age of 66 on 2/15/2013 after a lengthy battle with melanoma. John was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the middle child of John and Alice Broderick. After graduation from the University of Notre Dame, John enlisted in the U.S. Army, completed Officer Candidate School and served overseas tours as a logistical officer in Europe and South East Asia. Upon his return from active duty, John earned an MBA from the University of Rochester and began a 40 year career in the automobile industry. After 10 years in the field wholesale organization of Ford Motor Company, John became the National Training Manager for Subaru of America and later served as their Regional Sales Manager in the Chicago area. The balance of his career was spent as an independent consultant for General Motors educating wholesale and retail personnel in dealership and computer operations. John is survived by his wife Carol, sister, Anne Broderick of Ludington, MI, brother, Bryan (Barbara) Broderick of Camdenton, MO, niece, Dawn (Dan) Stemich of Wildwood, MO, nephew, Sean Broderick of Osage Beach, MO, and many other nieces, nephews, and cousins.


Missing from this summary of John are his broad grin and readiness to laugh.  We got to know John best when Tom Condon, Bob Brady and I shared a small place in Old Saybrook, CT during the summer of 1971.  John, already a good friend of Bob’s, came to see us then and continued to join the Observer group when reunions took place over the years.  You may know already (and can search the report in this blog – look for “Broderick”) that John’s mother was a stunt double for Lucille Ball and other actresses.  She had quite a career, with appearances in many films and TV episodes. – Tom Figel