How to register for 50th reunion

You will be able to register at this site:

Notre Dame’s notifications to classmates have been helter skelter: sent to some, not to others.  (Jay Schwartz forwarded his notice to the overlooked Figels.)  (Thanks to Steve Sullivan, we know that, at the time of our 1968 graduation, the class of 1918 was preparing for its 50th reunion.)

Only 50 years to get ready for the 50th reunion.  Notre Dame has

trouble keeping up.

The registration process seems simple. Still, people ask about accommodations.  A group of us – Tom & Anne Condon, Mike & Muff Baroody, Jay Schwartz, John McCoy, Ed Kickham, Tom & Mary Ann McKenna – took advantage of advice from Joe Hale and reserved rooms at The Doubletree.  The hotel has – or had – a good discount for our class.  Whether rooms are available there seems to depend on the person who answers the phone at the hotel desk.  John Walsh said Feb. 20th that the hotel is full.  Father John Sheehan found rooms available a few days ago.

During the registration process, you will see an offer of dorm accommodation at $35/night.

People ask about price options for reunion attendance.  There are options.  The Figels have the full $350 option for Tom and the $99 one night option for Nancy (Carlin SMC ’69), who will attend the class dinner and, otherwise, cruise around with St. Mary’s friends.

Reunion plans as of mid-May, 2018

From reunion 2003, when we were young

As of May 18, 2018:

Probably because of the good work of Fred Ferlic, Gene Cavanaugh, Chris Murphy and other South Bend classmates, Notre Dame has become aware that a 50th reunion weekend is approaching.

Last minute news includes this note from Fred Ferlic about a campus architectural history presentation and below that, the reunion schedule as of mid-May:

Architecture of the campus presentation: All-for those that are anxious to “tour” our campus, Doug Marsh, chief architect for all new buildings past 15 years ND- see link below on bio-will give a presentation at 10-10:45 am with a 15 min. Q%A. Sat. following the Speaker’s Bureau (John O’Connor/ Ralph Nees) in the same location-DeBartolo Auditorium Business Building. It will entail the history, including our ‘64 arrival, up to the present, with special architectural notes on the Matt and Joyce/ Chris and Carmi architectural gems.
I have heard him before, and he is DYNAMITE !!!!!! He makes you proud of our ND campus.
And the reunion schedule:

“ The Great ’68” 50th class reunion is almost here! Mark your calendars for a weekend of renewed friendships under the Dome, May 31 to June 3 and reflect upon your personal and family experiences as part of the exceptional group known as “The Great ’68”.

Register now at .

We plan a very personal 50th reunion, including Rocky Bleier’s “ The Play ,” Friday and Saturday class dinners at Duncan Student Center overlooking “the House that Rockne Built,” a ceremony honoring the military of The Great ’68, a speakers bureau featuring interesting, “out of the box” classmates, a Saturday night tribute to The Great ’68 / Notre Dame by Lou Holtz and President Tom Weyer, and much more.

Here is a lineup of events for our weekend Reunion:


  • ●  TBD – Class of 1968 Golf Scramble at Burke Golf Course
  • ●  6:30am – Breakfast at Dining Halls (until 10am)
  • ●  9:00am – 10:30am – Flag Raising/Vietnam Commemoration with reception in front of the Dome
  • ●  10:30am – ND Perspectives (ND faculty offering an insightful discussion) at Washington Hall
  • ●  11:00am – Lunch at South Dining Hall with the Dining Hall Queens (until 1pm)
  • ●  1:30pm – University Leaders Forum at Washington Hall with John Affleck-Graves
  • ●  3:00pm – Rocky Bleier “The Play” , Decio Theater
  • ●  5:00pm – 1968 & 50 Year Club Mass at Basilica of Sacred Heart

○ Presiders: Fr. John Sheehan ‘68 & Fr. John Pearson ‘68

  • ●  6:00pm – Cocktail Reception at the new Dahnke Ballroom at the ND Stadium with views

    overlooking the field

  • ●  7:00pm – Dinner at Dahnke Ballroom (until 1am)
  • ●  9:00pm – Neverly Brothers (a great Chicago band!) performance at Dahnke Ballroom (until 1am)


  • ●  6:30am – Breakfast at Dining Halls (until 10am)
  • ●  9:00am – Seminar for Class of 1968
    • ○  Featuring the following speakers:
    • ○  John O’Conner “The Voice of Deep Throat”
    • ○  Ralph Neas “When America Works Again”
  • ●  10:00am – Seminar for Class of 1968 (until 10:30am)
    • ○  Doug Marsh, Vice President and University Architect
    • ○  “Then and Now: The Future of Our Campus”
  • ●  Noon – 1968 Induction Lunch for Class of 1968 at Joyce Center Arena with Father Jenkins
    • ○  Featuring the following class speakers:
    • ○  Tom Weier – Opening Remarks
    • ○  Chris Murphy – Invocation
    • ○  Matt Walsh – Presentation of Class Gift
  • ●  1:00pm – Class Photo immediately following at Joyce Center
  • ●  2:00pm – Rocky Bleier “The Play” , Decio Theater
  • ●  4:00pm – All Class Mass & Program at the Joyce Center Fieldhouse

○ Classmate Joe Kernan will be honored as the 2018 Sorin Award Recipient ● 6:00pm – Cocktails Reception at the Dahnke Ballroom

● 7:00pm – Dinner at Dahnke Ballroom (until 1am)
○ Featured speakers Lou Holtz and Tom Weyer ‘68, President for Life

● 9:00pm – Darryl Buchanan and The Motown Review – at Dahnke Ballroom
Show your ND pride by purchasing the exclusive 1968 Reunion polo produced by our own Skip

Strzelecki ‘68. Class of 1968 Polo Shirt Order Form

As part of our Reunion celebration, we invite you to participate in our class gift honoring the mission of our legendary coach, Ara Parseghian in his fight against Niemann-Pick Type C. We are all aware of the tragedy that befell Ara and his family, and this is a fitting tribute to them and the research that takes place on the campus of Notre Dame.

“There will be no cure without research and no research without funding.” ~ Coach Ara Parseghian

Our goal for The Great ’68 is to have the highest percentage of participation in the history of ND class gifts, whether the amount is $10 or $1 million. A group of our classmates have agreed to match class gifts made from April 2 to June 30, 2018 .

We believe our 50th reunion Great ’68 motto should be a quote from Ara:

“You know what it takes to win. Just look at my fist. When I make a fist, it’s strong and you can’t tear it apart. As long as there’s unity, there’s strength. We must become so close with the bonds of loyalty and sacrifice, so deep with the conviction of the sole purpose, that no one, no group, no thing, can ever tear us apart.”

Thank you for going above and beyond in your continuing generosity to Notre Dame. See you at Reunion 2018! Go Irish!

As of March 2, 2018:

The names are coming in an abundance that has let the list get away from me.  Jim Chapman and Paul Higgins from Oregon; Father John Sheehan, S.J. from Jordan; Father John Pearson, C.S.C., from Arizona, Jerry Murray, Paul Zalesky, Jake (Pat) Keenan, Jim Hoffman and wife Carla. . .  The no’s are scant: Joe Blake, Chris Manion. . .   Someone you want to see?  Get in touch.  Make plans.  Use and look up contact information.

Tom Condon filled his article with humor, sentiment, photos of the likes of Tom Gibbs, Brien Murphy, and Sandy Carrigan, and stories when he wrote about the Rugby Club’s trip to Ireland for competition with Irish clubs in 1968: click on ND Rugby Club in Ireland 1968

As of November 7, 2017:

Tom & Mary Weyer, Matt & Joyce Walsh, Tom & Anne Condon, Larry “Monk” Forness, Tom & Nancy (Carlin) Figel, Jim O’Rourke, Tom Scully, Tom Warner, Brian McTigue, Joe Hale, Tom & Judy Culcasi, Tom Phillips, Jake Patrick Keenan (now living in Cambridge, MA), Ed Kickham, Mike Tyrrell, Tom Dorsel, John & Dia Walsh, Bill Cleary (daughter ‘98 has her ND 20th with our 50th. We both agreed we will be there! Go Irish!!! – Bill),  Mike Burgener, Walt Moxham (Wouldn’t miss it and will make sure Tom Brislin joins us. I have already booked rooms. He wouldn’t agree to stay in the class dorm for that “real”Stanford or Farley Hall experience. But he is threatening to re write his valedictory speech. Hope all is well. Definitely a great year for the Irish faithful. Wally Moxham); Tom Gibbs, Bob and Donna Ptak, Bill Follette, Pat Demare with Bob Santaloci, Dave Graves, Neil and Richie Rogers and Mike Carroll. (We are all trying to get Pat Furey to join us.)

Michael Browning, Jerry and Mary Ellen Murray along with Bob and Sharon Kubiak, Jim & Eileen Hutchinson, Jim & Pam Stoffel, Mike & Beth Helmer, Tom Fitzharris, Rich Pivnicka, Jim Davis & Betty, Paul Zalesky, Bryan Dunigan, Jeff & Meg Keyes, Ned & Melinda Buchbinder, Roger & Jean Guerin, Ted Nebel, Bob Smith, John & Karen O’Brien, Ken Howard, Pete Farrell, Ted & Ann Bratthauar

Tom Cuggino, Tom McKenna (Chicago), Tom McKenna (Carmel, IN), Brian & Susan Schanning, John O’Connor, Ray & Carmela Munchmeyer, Wayne & Jackie Micek

Zingers that came with the notes Nov. 3:

From Mike Helmer: Beth and I are in! She has long told me that based on my stories, the classmate she really wants to meet is Bob Santaloci. Once I told her he’d be there we were a definite go.

From Bill Gormley regarding proof to Morris Inn of Class of 1968 membership: For purposes of national security it is under seal until 2050.

From Jim O’Rourke about same, proof of 1968 membership: I’m not showing anyone my transcript until Donald Trump releases his.

From Jerry Murray, who had an experience of Jim Hutchinson’s rental car choice during a post-season game trip: He just bought a used mini van. He is hosting a Woodstock party in the lot behind the hotel. He swears medical marijuana will be available.


Says Pat Demare: I will be attending the reunion with Bob Santaloci, Dave Graves, Neil and Richie Rogers and Mike Carroll. We are all trying to get Pat Furey to join us.


Bill Follette says: Just a note from a fellow ’68 grad that I am looking forward to attending my 50th with my wife of 50 years, Barbara (ND Homecoming Queen ’66).  I hope all my fellow Cavanaugh, Dillon, and AFROTC friends will join us.

Spent the last half century not being bored:
  • 20 years flying Air Force air-refueling tankers and Special Ops helicopters (active and Reserves)
  • 25 years Sperry/Honeywell
  • 6 years International Consulting
  • 8 years bureaucrat for City of Mesa, AZ
My son, Jim, ND ’93 and SMC wife tagging along for their 25th.
Morris Inn, here we all come!