Seventh grandchild for Chris Murphy and Carmie

In a March 14, 2008 note, Chris Murphy announced: “
my daughter delivered her first child, our seventh grandchild. Mom and son, Merlin Christopher Bellinger, are doing great and came home this afternoon to their Forrest Park home. I am sitting in my son Chris' home in Oak Park while he and his wife are in Hawaii. They sent their two children off to relatives, my son Kevin's in South Bend and her parents in Grand Rapids. In any case, Chris has just taken his show and rape counseling out of the country and did a series of performances in Japan and Korea for the military services due to the increasing problem of rape on the bases. He is doing good work and has turned his passion for acting into a thriving (now international) business helping college students and young people in the military learn the reality of rape and the cultural environment that fosters inappropriate behavior.”

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