Rick McPartlin on the Sugar Bowl and Chicago Boys' Night Out Jan. 12th

Fellow 68ers:
Now for some good news, having played a team with players of a different species. It was bad enough that the quarterback is bigger than Alan Page, but when the offensive tackle was bigger at birth than any of our linebackers is now that is a problem.
Anyway, those of us who attended Notre Dame before it was infiltrated with women and lost only five games in four years are planning on continuing our annual night out on Rush street Friday, Jan 12. We will be meeting at Butch McGuire's at 6 pm.  Attire is whatever one wants. The attorneys from downtown dress accordingly–grey suit, bland tie. I will not wear a suit- to avoid bleeding all over it.
See you then.
Rick McPartlin
richard mcpartlin [thirdrfmcp@yahoo.com]
Report of the event: Rick's encouragement, with the support of Dave Kabat, short-hitter Bryan Dunigan and other correspondents produced a good turnout, including Rick's son Brian, Matt Walsh's sons, Roger Guerin's son Brian, and Rick's lifelong friend, Harvard grad Paul McCarthy.  Tom Weyer said that Rocky Bleier, a hit at one of the pep rallies, has agreed to think about helping Tom put some life into the president's remarks at the next reunion.  We also heard from Tom that the recent gubernatorial election turned on Joe Kernan's reluctance to curry favor from southern voters with a personal doling out of capital punishment on the lawn of the governor's residence.  In a quiet conference, Bob Ptak, Roger Guerin, and Matt Walsh made plans for Saturday Mass attendance while their wives were away for the weekend.  If Tom Gibbs arrived home reeking of beer, it was only because a clumsy waiter splashed a drink all over him.  Bryan Dunigan's early departure from the gathering prompted some muttering: Mary was in town and, following the inclination so few of us were able to act upon years ago, Brian had a date on a Friday night – no time for the boys' night out. 

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