Ken Beirne note Aug. 7, 2007- recovering from heart problem

Hi Tom,

Don’t know if it made the class notes or the blog, or if we were even able to get you info, but I had open heart surgery on May 31 to replace my aortic valve (good news was my arteries were clean, so no bypasses needed), then got a pacemaker on June 7, and had a pericardial window to get rid of some fluid on June 13 (nicely spaced, don’t you think – kept me in the hospital for over two weeks.  It will, I am sure, come as a surprise to many that there was a heart in there to repair, but then they will probably be happy to point out it was defective.  So I am now semi-bionic.  Things are going quite well in the recovery.  Still not allowed to lift anything over 5 pounds or so, but otherwise I am pretty much doing my normal stuff, and back to walking a mile or more a day.

 We are planning, tentatively, to make the reunion next year.

 Hope all is well with you and Nancy.  How do you like apartment life/  Did we tell you that we have moved to an apartment in Arlington, overlooking the Capitol?  Have to keep the bastards under constant surveillance.  Anyway, we love it, and are happily planning trips(Ireland in October) with the knowledge we can just lock up and not worry about things.


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