Bill Clifford story about George Restovich, freshman

From: Clifford, William <>
To: James M. Davis <>
Sent: Tue Oct 07 13:55:33 2008
Subject: George Restovich

During the first weeks of our Freshman year a crowd inexplicably gathers at Cartier Field for an impromptu pep rally. Some obnoxious senior starts berating the assembled Freshman. George Restovich is summoned from out of the Freshman crowd, and ordered to lead the Freshman in a cheer. George is caught off guard, and unprepared. After a pause, he asks if there are any Latin scholars among the assembled freshman. No response. George then announces that he has a Latin cheer for us. “Hic haec hoc, hic haec hoc, hit em in the belly with a big lead rock”. The crowd goes wild…. Ara’s reign is launched. George had charisma from day one.

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