Jim Hutchinson – Jerry Murray Dispute, Miami, Jan. 2013

This January 12, 2013 email exchange between Jim Hutchinson and Jerry Murray informs us all of some off-field tension during the Miami visit the week before:

From Jerry:

Tom  Hutch and I (Jeremiah (jerry) Murray)  joined up in Miami.   here are some notes and pictures.  (See below) First a picture of  hutch (he looks younger) and myself with the leprechaun. Then a picture of my wife  Mary Ellen with a couple of taller men she picked up in south beach.  Jim his wife Eileen, Mary Ellen and myself got together at the bay front park party before the game.   They did a great job with about 25,000 fans, plenty of room on the water,tables,food,beer and entertainment.   Regis, Martin Short, Chris Collingsworth (who was terrific)  and many others promising victory.  The Irish music and the beer flowed as our spirits were high and our expectations aspirational .  Little did we know this was the night the lights went out in the grotto.  But I digress, the pep rally had 33,000 screaming fans jammed shoulder to shoulder on the beach.  You couldn’t fall or pass out if you wanted  just like the rallies in Stephen Center or the old field house.  It was surreal with the beer and sweat flowing, Lou Holtz charging up the fans and the lights and sounds of south beach across the street competing with the band and speaker system.   I will toss in a few more photos for your use but my favorite is hutch stayed at the Miami beach resort in so beach and rented a car to go to the game.  it was such a small fiat he couldn’t take his kids and luggage to the airport. ( I have included a photo of his smart car.)  I however stayed at the Doral to take advantage of busses to the events and games. whoops   our bus got lost going to the pep rally and we just made it, then on the way back he misses his ramp and pulls into the Miami airport. when he said not his fault he wasn’t from miami  I said thank you anthony travel  go figure.   We all stayed till the end in support of a great team  who gave us a hell of a ride this year.           Hope some of this helps you

Jerry Murray class of 68

From Jim:

I need to set the record straight – I did not want to embarrass Jerry, but the reason I could not offer him a ride in the “Hutchmobile“,  the real car that I rented (see attached photo (note  the Florida plates for authenticity), was because he tried to put his “rusty” moves on McCarron’s girlfriend after Brent Musburger pointed her out in the crowd.   We can’t tolerate this behavior from ND alumni.

Also, once the poll was released after the game showing ND really did win the National Championship – Eileen and I were invited to collect the trophy  (see below).  I was going to invite Jerry to the ceremony but was not sure about Jerry’s behavior after the girlfriend incident
I am sure you can understand
Jim Hutch



Jerry Murray’s Miami photos:

JMurray-across-from-pep-rallyphoto JerryMurray-Lep-woman JMurray-Bayfront-Regis JMurray-Bayfront JMurray-BayfrontParty JMurray-BayfrontPark-pregame JMurray-cocktails-postrally JMurray-peprally

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