Paul Robillard and Lyons Hall friends – USC game weekend October, 2013

Paul Robillard sent this email about the fun he and his Lyons Hall group had during the October weekend of the USC game:

We were “shaking down the thunder from the sky” as the Ghetto (Ron Droste, Doug Heisler, Tom Jansen,Jim McCoy,Mike Melewicz, Phil Morrow, Paul Rittman, Paul Robillard, Tom Theis and Ralph White) re-convened in Portland, Oregon on USC weekend October 18-20. The truths and un-truths from their days in four rooms above the arch in Lyons Hall were recounted with great drama and emotion.  A superb time was had by all.
Regards,   Paul Robillard ’68
Paul D. Robillard, Ph.D.
Executive Director
World Water Watch
3300 NW 185th, # 175
Portland, OR 97229WEB:

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