Jay Schwartz’s blog One More Thing. . .

Jay Schwartz with two happy blog subscribers, 25th class reunion

While former Observer columnist Jay Schwartz’s blog, One More Thing, https://jayschwartzonthegrid.com/category/uncategorized/, is not specific to any Notre Dame topic, the essays do reflect the mental sharpening Jay gained during wide-ranging General Program debates with such classmates as Tom Durkin, Tiger Schaefer, Tom Gogan and Ned Buchbinder (when they attended class). 
          Jay asks that you read his recent essay and others found at  https://jayschwartzonthegrid.com/category/uncategorized. Feel free to comment (on the blog) and to share the link.
          Anyone who wishes to receive future essays should send Jay a note with something like “add me” in the message line.  Jay’s email is jay@prigroup.org

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