How to find other Notre Dame alumni

How to find other Notre Dame alumni

Notre Dame has an easy way for us to find one another.  Here’s how:

Use the site:

See at the upper right of the page “Login.”  If you have not registered with the site yet, you will see a highlighted “Register for the first time.”  One way or another, log in.

Once you are logged in and have access to all the sections of the web site, see “Directory Search” among the other choices at the top of the page.

Click on “Directory Search”.  Then begin using the search form the way you use similar pages.  You can enter as little as a last name.  To improve your search, use the assistance that lets you pick a class year, a state, a city and so on.  When you see your friend’s name, click on it and you will have whatever Notre Dame has in its own contact database.