Ken Howard congratulates Pete Farrell for Princeton team

From: Ken Howard []
Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 10:19 AM
Cc: Pete Farrell; Shane Farrell
Subject: Congrats to Coach Farrell!
Congratulations to Coach Pete Farrell and his Princeton Lady Tigers, as they concluded their cross-country season with a 5th place finish at the NCAA Championships, matching their 5th place in 2008. Has Princeton ranked this high in any sport since the days of Bill Bradley?
Coach Farrell faces an unusual hurdle in getting these great results out of his team. While it's common for college students to bring academic material on road trips to sport competitions, the Princeton women insist on carrying a textbook to study _during_ the race.While Coach Farrel has been unable to stop this practice, he does count some small victories–he's banned them from bringing any art history texts to the starting line, and also yellow highlighting during the race (they were prone to veering off course, losing precious seconds, while marking up a particularly arresting passage).
Great job, Pete!