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Jay Schwartz with two happy blog subscribers, 25th class reunion

While former Observer columnist Jay Schwartz’s blog, One More Thing, https://jayschwartzonthegrid.com/category/uncategorized/, is not specific to any Notre Dame topic, the essays do reflect the mental sharpening Jay gained during wide-ranging General Program debates with such classmates as Tom Durkin, Tiger Schaefer, Tom Gogan and Ned Buchbinder (when they attended class). 
          Jay asks that you read his recent essay and others found at  https://jayschwartzonthegrid.com/category/uncategorized. Feel free to comment (on the blog) and to share the link.
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Big fun at a small Maryland reunion Nov. 15, 2019

First, Tom Condon was coming to interview Pat Collins in DC for a Notre Dame Magazine article. Then Tom Figel and Dennis Reeder were coming to visit Jay Schwartz in Baltimore. Then Mike Baroody could get back to Virginia from a family event in New Hampshire. Then Dick Farina could change a travel schedule, Dennis Gallagher could get away from State Department work, and John McCoy could come from Annapolis.

Lunch Friday, Nov. 15, 2019 at an Olive Garden in Laurel, MD was a blast.

John McCoy, Tom Figel, Dennis Gallagher, Jay Schwartz, Tom Condon, Dick Farina, Dennis Reeder, Mike Baroody