Class Notes – Submitted February, 2007

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Happy Meals and Great People


Soon after the season-ending bowl game, Rick McPartlin gathered Chicago-area classmates for a Boys’ Night Out with this game post-mortem: “It was bad enough that the quarterback is bigger than Alan Page, but when the offensive tackle was bigger at birth than any of our linebackers, now that is a problem.”  Rick's encouragement, with the support of Dave Kabat, short-hitter Bryan Dunigan and other correspondents produced a good turnout at a Rush Street favorite, including Rick's son Brian, Matt Walsh's sons, Roger Guerin's son Brian, and Rick's lifelong friend, Harvard grad Paul McCarthy.  Tom Weyer said that Rocky Bleier, a hit at one of the pep rallies, has agreed to think about helping Tom put some life into the president's remarks at the next reunion.  Tom also said that the recent Indiana gubernatorial election turned on Joe Kernan's reluctance to curry favor from the state’s southern voters with a personal doling out of capital punishment on the lawn of the governor's residence.  In a quiet conference, Bob Ptak, Roger Guerin, and Matt Walsh made plans for Saturday Mass attendance while their wives were away for the weekend.  If Tom Gibbs arrived home reeking of beer, it was only because a clumsy waiter splashed a drink all over him.  Bryan Dunigan's early departure from the gathering prompted some muttering: Mary was in town and, following the inclination so few of us were able to act upon years ago, Brian had a date on a Friday night – no time these days for the boys' night out. 

At Bryan’s Christmas party the month before, Tom Cuggino had good news: a son recovered from cancer and happy with new twin Cuggino granddaughters.  The Cugginos’ daughter Jenny gave birth to another granddaughter during the Christmas season.

Music has many classmates feeling upbeat.  In Pennsylvania, Mike Hampsey’s music was the subject of a newspaper feature.  The second pressing of Mike’s Celtic Christmas CD is available for $20 from Mike at P.O. Box 1433, Warren, PA 16365.  Mike’s son Matt is on the roster for the second weekend of Jazzfest in New Orleans as lead guitar player for Sunpie and the Louisiana Sunspots, John Walsh reports.  John and Dia will answer Eddie Kurtz’s cryptic call to “Maybe c u dare. K”.  Meanwhile, in the halls of Congress and in the Jan. 7, 2007 New York Times feature noted by Jim O’Rourke, “Mr. Hall Goes to Congress,” John Hall is adding his musical and political talent.  – and Larry was coming from the Marines.

Other classmates in print recently include Forrest Hainline, who refers us to San Francisco Attorney’s “The Power of the Poet” and mention in the Los Angeles Daily Journal report of 2006 defense verdicts.  Tom Durkin wrote a Feb. 8, 2007 Chicago Tribune essay titled “Terrorism in the Courts,” his reflection on the way prosecutors tried to gain a conviction of two Muslims accused of terrorist activities.

Mark Lies reported that at the Michigan and North Carolina games he had a “mini-reunion with Bob Raaf who is retired and in from Cleveland and Kenny Lefoldt who is going strong with his own accounting firm who came in from Jackson, Miss. We were reminiscing on our time working together in the South Dining Hall as part of the food service crew and some of the bizarre things that other students did when they were going through the food line, as well as some of the mini-food fights. . .”  You can see the full correspondence – and add to it – at our class blog 

The nonsense in the last column about Moscow surveillance of the Manion family produced great notes from Chris Manion as well as referral to his writings posted at  The nonsense also necessitated an apology to a classmate who wants a low profile and was confused and irritated by the mention of his own name in the middle of it. 

Jim Hoffman, who practices law in Eugene, OR and funds lots of college expense with the earnings, wrote that he will be at Notre Dame May 12, 2007 for the wedding of his middle daughter Heather and Dan Campion.  Heather’s sisters Holly and Heidi also graduated from Notre Dame.  Celebrating his last college payment on February 1st, Jim and Carla celebrated with a McDonald’s Happy Meal. 

Tom Thurber’s daughter Tiana notified friends of her father’s death Jan. 13, 2007.  Emailed remembrances began.  They included this testament from John McKenzie: “You were an enigma, a hyperbole, a paramount, a huge tribute to life itself of which you were bigger than, a gentle Man with tattooed hands, a motorcycle rider who wrote beautiful songs in the key of life, which was usually limited to one, or, at most, two chords, in the fashion of Lou Reed and Neil Young. You married a beautiful woman and have a beautiful daughter.”

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Forrest Hainline announces articles


Two recent articles feature me: The current edition of San Francisco Attorney has an article called “The Power of the Poet”; this week the Los Angeles Daily Journal featured me in an article on the top defense verdicts of 2006.

<<SF Attorney – Profile F.Hainline (Winter06).pdf>> <<Daily Journal – Forrest Hainline.pdf>>


Forrest A. Hainline III Goodwin Procter LLP 101 California Street San Francisco, CA 94111 415-733-6065 415-677-9041 fax 415-963-1126 cell  

Jim Hoffman – three ND daughters, 12 years of payments


Jim Hoffman reports that he will be back at Notre Dame May 12th for the wedding of his middle daughter, who graduated from Notre Dame, and her fiancé who also graduated from Notre Dame.

Jim will be back the following weekend to attend his youngest daughter's graduation from Notre Dame. All of his children, three daughters, will have then graduated from Notre Dame.

Jim reported that his final payment to Notre Dame for his children was made on February 1, 2007, accounting for twelve years worth of tuition being paid. He and his wife Carla were able to celebrate by going out to McDonald's and between them purchasing a “happy meal”.


My three daughters are Holly, Heather and Heidi.


Heather and her fiancé Dan Campion are being married at Notre Dame.


    My home address is:

    James and Carla Hoffman

    554 Pinto Way

    Eugene, Oregon 97401


My telephone number at home is: (541) 484-0708.


    My office address is:

    James W. Hoffman, P.C.

    Attorney At Law

    975 Oak Street, Suite 600

    Eugene, Oregon 97401


My office number is: (541) 485-2007.



Mark Lies remembers the South Caf with Bob Raaf and Kenny Lefoldt

(Speaking of his attendance at the Michigan and North Carolina games) I had a mini-reunion with Bob Raaf who is retired and in from Cleveland and Kenny Lefoldt who is going strong with his own accounting firm who came in from Jackson, Miss. We were reminiscing on our time working together in the South Dining Hall as part of the food service crew and some of the bizarre things that other students did when they were going through the food line, as well as some of the mini-food fights and also throwing patts of butter up to stick on the ceiling of the dining hall. Take care and enjoy the holiday. – Mark Lies

Bob Raaf reconnects with old roommate Paul Swenson
by Bob Raaf on Tue 06 Feb 2007 05:49 PM CST  |  IP:
At our last class reunion, Pete Farrell mentioned to me that one of his top recruits for the Princeton women's track team was Paul Swenson's daughter Mia and that Paul was living in the Boston area. We hadn't seen each other since graduation weekend in 1968 and hadn't communicated since we both got out of the service in 1971.

After a trip to Boston earlier in the year to visit our daughter, Cindy, I came back and looked Paul up in the Alumni Directory and realized that I had passed within a few miles of his house. To make a long story short, I emailed Paul, he called back and we had a long conversation to catch up on 35 years. Paul has two daughters. One graduatied from the University of Chicago and had just moved to NYC to try her hand in acting, and the second one is a senior at Princeton and still running for Pete. Our other daughter, Amy,is recently married and living in Washington DC , and my son, Tom (ND '05) is living in Chicago.

A few months later, Paul emailed to say that he would be in Cleveland in late October, which then gave us the opportunity to meet for a long dinner. It was great to see him again after so many years. He looks only slighty older but is still able to run regularly – no knee issues yet, but he hasn't had to haul around 200 plus pounds for years.

As menitoned on earlier comments by others, Barb and I were able to get together with Mark Lies, Ken and Maetta Lefoldt at the UNC game and with John and Mary Mulligan and Brian and Sue Schanning at both John's daughter's wedding on Labor Day weekend and at the UCLA game. Joining us for both games were my son Tom and his girlfriend Annelise Sucato (also ND '05 and daughter of classmate and fellow NROTC grad Paul Sucato).

Barb and I continue to enjoy the hospitality of the very gracious hosts of THE GREAT '68 tailgates.

Bob Raaf


Jerry Lis: A stat re: Notre Dame football and contributions to academic side

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Dear ND Fans:


Here's a stat from


The most valuable college football franchise is Notre Dame.  This should come as no surprise.


What might surprise some is this stat:


Notre Dame football contributed $23.2 million dollars to support Academic Programs.  The college which returned the second most money was Michigan, with $2,4 million.  Notre Dame's amount is greater than Michigan and the next 10 colleges COMBINED.