Professor Don Costello's Toast to 1968, Reunion of 2003

Professor Donald Costello toast, reunion, 2003:


            “I’ve often offered a toast to people; but is it legitimate to toast a year?  Only, I would think, if it’s a very special year.  I know a year within our lifetimes which is so special it has become mythic, a reverberating part of American culture.  It’s a year that is more than historical; it’s defining.  It’s the single year that defines social conscience, change, beginnings, Yet it contains multitudes, contradictions: violence, anger, yet peace and love, fear and heroism.  It means, of course, police riots and bombed-out churches and assassinations, but at Notre Dame it also means growth, and study, and commitment, and friendship and love and remembering.  Every class graduates, but not every class rises to the challenge of a mythic year.  This one did.  So please join me in a toast to 1968!”