Eddie Kurtz – serious car accident Nov, 2012

John Walsh sent this Nov. 4, 2012 email about Eddie Kurtz, who is in New Orleans’ Baptist Hospital after a serious auto accident:

Just got off the phone with John Flemming (who’s at a crafts show in Pensacola, FL). Eddie Kurtz was in a bad car accident in NOLA the other day, is now in Baptist Hospital. 

In addition to injuries from the accident, he was found to have a severe case of pneumonia complicating his breathing and tumors in his throat. Dia and I were with him in NOLA last Monday, before the accident. He’s been fighting throat ulcers and had lost about 40 lbs then. 

John said he expects to be back in NOLA late tonight and will try to find out more info in the coming week. Eddie’s expected to be in the hospital “for a while.” Keep him in your thoughts. 

John Walsh

One thought on “Eddie Kurtz – serious car accident Nov, 2012

  1. Eddie was my friend for several decades as we worked on many TV deals together.

    He is a minority shareholder in a resort/casino we intend to build in Haiti, if any of his family can contact me at 732-317-9387 I want him to retain his points if and when we build, it’s worth serious cash.

    Richard Hone
    managing partner, Frontier Media Inc.

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