Tom Fitzharris’ Art Becoming Recognized

New York City resident Tom Fitzharris says graduating from the General Program of Liberal Studies turned out to be a big asset. Just take a look at the images of Tom’s work.

Bad Spring 2001 by Tom Fitzharris

Bad Spring 2001 by Tom Fitzharris

Since leaving fulltime work as head of Court TV’s website, Tom has turned plenty of spare time to painting. He is also part of the staff of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where he draws on his General Studies knowledge while conducting tours for school groups.

Tom’s painting “Fall Interior” was among the works of Met employees included in a special exhibit during 2014. Another work was part of a similar exhibit in 2012.

"Fall Interior" by Tom Fitzharris

“Fall Interior” by Tom Fitzharris

Tom had to miss the 45th class reunion when it conflicted with a long-sought honor, selection as a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome, where he spent two weeks. In July, 2014, the art critic David Cohen ( made Tom’s work “Landscape” part of an exhibit in the Manhattan gallery Bowery, located in Chelsea. Tom also has a work included in the permanent collection of the US mission to the United Nations.

 Tom’s email address is:

"Landscape" by Tom Fitzharris

“Landscape” by Tom Fitzharris

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