William Edison Sullivan September 2015

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Zen – we lost our good friend and classmate, Sully,  last week. Would you be kind enough to pass on to classmates on yr great distribution list.  thanks  wheels
Mates – we’ve lost another ’68er.  William Edison Sullivan, of Merrick, Long Island died unexpectedly last week at his home in Lynn, Ma., where he lived for the last 10 years or so. From ’64-’68, Sully was the first to get coffee at the Huddle each morning. He greeted all he saw, with a smile, a laugh, and a genuine pat on the pack. At the end of the day, usually from the Senior Bar, he offered those same cheerful greetings to the many friends he made at ND. He was that 12th man Saturday, seen flying around with the defense. A job well done Sul.

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  1. Sully was one of my first friends at ND. Seeing as how he was from Merrick, LI, [and the bulk of my friends at the time were from Merrick – and every Catholic kid in Merrick seemed to know each other (a fact that would become even more evident as the years wore on) – and here we go with a pretty good run-on sentence.] he and Gene Murtha (’69) grabbed onto me and we all became pals. Sully, bless him, made up this wonderful, Jean-Shepherd-like comedy life around his mom and dad – Flo & Phil – and Murtha grafted on his brother, Jerry, “The Blivet”, a rather large, happy guy.

    They did their best to make me feel at home among them. I love them for it. ND was home for Sully and for Gene, who, sadly, we’ve also lost .

    After sophomore year, I lost track of Sully, a fact that saddened me. He had a great, generous heart. It more than made up for his lack of hair. So long, Sully, until next we meet up.

  2. Such a lively and caring friend…always ready with a smile & a joke. Thought of him often over the years.
    A personality never to be forgotten. May he rest in peace. Helena

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