John O’Connor Gives Credit May, 2016


I have of course been remiss in getting you items from the Left Coast, relying instead upon Forrest “Primeval” Hainline and Richard “Consul General” Pivnicka to do the bragging for our small contingent out  here.

But I thought this item should not be overlooked. I am a nominal co-producer with Ridley Scott and Tom Hanks and companies on the “Felt” movie, title yet undetermined, soon to start shooting, starring Liam Neeson and Diane Lane. That is not the item.

In various projects I have undertaken, the latest being further research for the script, I have reviewed many of the newspaper articles written back in the day. Of the thousands of  Watergate articles written (over three thousand by the Post alone) there were no more than ten that I would consider of seminal  importance.

Two of the most important articles were written by….Class of 1968 members, Pat Collins of the Washington Star and Tom Condon of the Hartford Courant. That is the item. I think a shout out to these guys would be in order. This is so even though they are neither from here or Chicago!

Hope you are well.



John D. O’Connor