CBS Sunday Morning Report recognizes work of Dan Doyle

From Mike McCullough:

Our classmate Dan Doyle is  a key part of a story narrated by Ted Koppel on CBS Sunday Morning today.  If you didn’t catch it, you can see the full story at

Dan has one of the great stories of our class that, to my knowledge, is till untold to the rest of the class.  In the 1970s, Craig Robinson, who is also interviewed in the story, was working with United Mine Workers about health issues facing their members in West Virginia and made a trip to Harvard Medical School to try to recruit doctors.  Dan, I believe, was the only one who responded.  A few years later I attended the inauguration of a tiny medical clinic in which Dan was the only doctor and Craig was the business manager.  From that humble start they have built what is now a network of clinics which, the last time I heard, had  about a dozen doctors and many more physician assistants and nurses.

Dan is now retired but only in the sense that he doesn’t have a as rigid a schedule as he used to.  He’s still hard at work each week working at various satellite clinics.  I think our class should push for Dan to get the Laetare Medal or at least some other special recognition.


Mike McCullough

One thought on “CBS Sunday Morning Report recognizes work of Dan Doyle

  1. I agree 100% with Mike McCullough. Dan Doyle is a hero of mine. He has truly put his ND and Harvard Medical School education at the service of others. He’s also a terrific musician and outdoorsman!

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