How to register for 50th reunion

You will be able to register at this site:

Notre Dame’s notifications to classmates have been helter skelter: sent to some, not to others.  (Jay Schwartz forwarded his notice to the overlooked Figels.)  (Thanks to Steve Sullivan, we know that, at the time of our 1968 graduation, the class of 1918 was preparing for its 50th reunion.)

Only 50 years to get ready for the 50th reunion.  Notre Dame has

trouble keeping up.

The registration process seems simple. Still, people ask about accommodations.  A group of us – Tom & Anne Condon, Mike & Muff Baroody, Jay Schwartz, John McCoy, Ed Kickham, Tom & Mary Ann McKenna – took advantage of advice from Joe Hale and reserved rooms at The Doubletree.  The hotel has – or had – a good discount for our class.  Whether rooms are available there seems to depend on the person who answers the phone at the hotel desk.  John Walsh said Feb. 20th that the hotel is full.  Father John Sheehan found rooms available a few days ago.

During the registration process, you will see an offer of dorm accommodation at $35/night.

People ask about price options for reunion attendance.  There are options.  The Figels have the full $350 option for Tom and the $99 one night option for Nancy (Carlin SMC ’69), who will attend the class dinner and, otherwise, cruise around with St. Mary’s friends.

And what will we do at the reunion?  A Notre Dame staffer sent this prospective calendar after one of the meetings with Fred Ferlic, Chris Murphy, and Gene Cavanaugh, who are interacting with the Notre Dame staff about our wishes:

Reunion 2018 – Class of 1968- 50th Reunion 2/5/17, 12:30 p.m. ET

NDAA Team: Erin Thornton, Kristen White, Mike Sullivan
ROTC Partners: Captain M. Cody Brockelmeyer, U.S. Marine Corps, Regan Jones Director, Military and Veterans Affairs
Class Committee: Fred Ferlic, Tom Weyer , Rick McPartlin, Gene Cavanaugh , Chris Murphy, Skip Strzelecki, Steve Anderson, Michael Browning, Tom Figel, Rocky Bleier, David Martin, Matt Walsh, Bryan Dunigan, Joe Kernan, Richard Pivnicka

Dial: +1 646-558-8656 (US Toll) Meeting ID: 539.484.226



Agenda Topics

Discussion with ND ROTC

10 min

Taps Ceremony & Vietnam War Commemoration Class Rep: Gene Cavanaugh

  • ●  Date: Friday, June 1
  • ●  Time: 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. with a small coffee and donutreception either immediately before or immediately after TBD
  • ●  Location: In front of Main Building

○ NDAA will inquire about Basilica as a rain location or

confirm Carey Auditorium in Hesburgh Library is Basilica

is not an option: deadline March 15

  • ●  Contact information:
    • ○  Captain M. Cody Brockelmeyer, U.S. Marine Corps Email: Office: 574-631-6061
    • ○  Regan Jones Director, Military and Veterans Affairs Email: Office: 574-631-9074
  • ●  Ceremony will have a Navy flavor to it – Naval ROTC will lead
  • ●  Ceremony will consist of:
    • ○  Flag raising / Color Guard (5 minutes)
    • ○  Vietnam Era Veteran Pinning Ceremony (Gene, Joe,Rocky, Reagan and Cody)
    • ○  Honoring the Killed in Action in Vietnam (approx. 45members of the ND family)
    • ○  Taps – Honoring those who dies (5 minutes)
    • ○  Classes of (1955 – 1967) 1958, 1963, 1968, 1973 (thosewho served between 1955 – 1975)
  • ●  Regan would like to schedule a short rehearsal beforehandDate and time: TBD
  • ●  Action Item : ROTC partners to create a script proposal and willshare with Gene.


10 min

Rocky Bleier One-Man Show Class Rep: Chris Murphy

  • ●  Friday: 3pm
  • ●  Saturday: 3pm
  • ●  NDAA wishes to maintain an “all-inclusive” atmosphere atReunion – therefore we will not charge Reunion attendees to see the performance, but Class of 1968 can ask for donations to go toward the Parseghian Medical Foundation.
  • ●  Class would rather see full-auditorium than limit who can attend each performance.
  • ●  Leighton Theater / DPAC waiting on technical riders from Rocky Bleier to determine which venue would be best

○ Note- a separate email chain with Chris, Gene and Fred has been initiated to discuss the use of Leighton Hall


10 min

Class of 1968 Dinner and Hospitality Locations Class Rep: Tom Weyer, Gene Cavanaugh, Fred Ferlic

Friday Dinner

  • ●  Location: Dahnke Ballroom at Duncan Student Center
  • ●  Time: Reception 6:00pm, Dinner 7:00pm – 1:00am
  • ●  Band Performance – Neverly Brothers (9pm-11pm)Saturday Dinner
  • ●  Location: Dahnke Ballroom at Duncan Student Center
  • ●  Time: 6:00pm-1:00am
  • ●  Additional entertainment – going ahead with another band forthe second night: Fred Ferlic to secure.
  • ●  NDAA will send layout diagrams (including 2 extra large bars fit for 3-4 bartenders each) when available: deadline April 1
  • ●  Class of 1968 provide technical requirement for their entertainment (bands both nights): deadline March 1
  • ●  Class of 1968 class member Matt Walsh heading up the Saturday night speaker – Matt Walsh will seek input from classmates and finance the speaker.


5 min

Class of 1968 Seminar featuring classmates Class Rep: Tom, Fred

  • ●  Saturday morning – 9:00am – 10:30am
  • ●  Location: DeBartolo Classroom Building (exact room TBD) ● Format:
    • ○  5 speakers from Class of 1968 – each has 10 minutes to speak and 5 minutes for Q&A
    • ○  Follow with 15 minute panel discussion (all 5 speakers) to speak on three predetermined questions
    • ○  End with informal / casual conversation with attendees and speakers (10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)

● Class Requests a large lecture hall in DeBartolo Classroom

building for the entire 3 hours
● Fred Ferlic will fund coffee and donuts for the attendees to be

on-site at 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


5 min

Class of 1968 Golf Outing Class Rep: Skip Strzelecki No updates at this time


5 min

Class of 1968 Yearbook Class Rep: Rick McPartlin

  • ●  Updates?
  • ●  Class of 1968 is soliciting help from Tom Figel
  • ●  Decided NOT to use the formal yearbook company – instead willput together something less formal therefore less costly
  • ●  Class of 1968 will provide NDAA with questions for the Classsurvey: deadline March 1
  • ●  NDAA will help put together a Class Survey to collectinformation: deadline March 12
  • ●  NDAA will send the responses (spreadsheet form) to Tom Fiegelfor compilation into an “e-book”: deadline May 10

Questions/ Updates

5 min

Open Questions:

  • ●  Class of 1968 shirt color – review gold option
    • ○  Class requests that we use St. Andrew’s Products for this apparel item
    • ○  NDAA will work with Skip to confirm details: In progress
    • ○  Class of 1968 will advertise this shirt through a blastemail
    • ○  Class will sell via an ecommerce form supplied by NDAA
  • ●  Class of 1968 email blasts? Need dates and content for messages
    • ○  Tom Weyer and Tom Figel will put together plannedclass communications (including Class shirt sales, e-yearbook, and Rocky’s play) and will communicate the target dates to NDAA: deadline February 15
    • ○  NDAA will secure class communications dates: deadline February 22
    • ○  Class of 1968 will provide content for agreed upon communications : deadline two weeks prior to each email blast
  • ●  Monthly reports showing non-registered classmates – review plan
  • ●  NDAA Will provide the class committee with a monthly report showing which classmates have not registered for Reunion. Report will include names, addresses and phone numbers. No emails will be included per University policy.
  • ●  NDAA will supply Class of 1968 with planned communications from NDAA and Development (Reunion Giving): COMPLETED February 7

● Gene Cavanaugh working with Fr. John Sheehan, Fr. John Pierson and Fr. Tom Jones re: concelebrating the Class Mass in the Basilica on Friday 6/1/18 at 5:00 pm


5 min

Class Fund Update
● Balance: $8,670.54 (after paying $2500 deposit to the Neverly

Brothers on 1/29/18)


1968 Reunion Agenda Overview: All times may be subject to change


● 5:00pm – Grotto Mass for Class of 1968


  • ●  TBD – Class of 1968 Golf Scramble at Burke Golf Course
  • ●  6:30am – Breakfast at Dining Halls (until 10am)
  • ●  9:00am – 10:30am – Flag Raising/Taps/Vietnam Commemorationwith reception
  • ●  10:30am – ND Perspectives at Washington Hall
  • ●  11:00am – Lunch at Dining Hall (until 1pm)
  • ●  1:30pm – University Leaders Forum
  • ●  3:00pm – Rocky Bleier Play (location TBD)
  • ●  5:00pm – 1968 & 50 Year Club Mass at Basilica of Sacred Heart
  • ●  6:00pm – Cocktail Reception at Dahnke Ballroom
  • ●  7:00pm – Dinner at Dahnke Ballroom (until 1am)
  • ●  9:00pm – Neverly Brothers performance at Dahnke Ballroom(until 1am)SATURDAY AGENDA
  • ●  6:30am – Breakfast at Dining Halls (until 10am)
  • ●  9:00am – Seminar for Class of 1968 (until 10:30am)
  • ●  Noon – 1968 Induction Lunch for Class of 1968 at Joyce Center
  • ●  1:00pm – Class Photo immediately following and in the samelocation as the Induction Luncheon
  • ●  3:00pm – Rocky Bleier Play (Location TBD)
  • ●  4:00pm – All Class Mass at the Joyce Center Fieldhouse
  • ●  6:00pm – Dinner at Dahnke Ballroom (until 1am)SUNDAY AGENDA

● TBD – Class Brunch at Chris Murphy’s house

○ NDAA will work with Chris Murphy to create a Google Form to invite and RSVP as we start to get a better handle of who is coming to Reunion (will continue discussions with Chris on this)

5 min

Action Items:
● NDAA will provide lists:

  • ○  How many in the Class of 1968?
  • ○  How many in the Class of 1968 still alive?
  • ○  How many in the Class of 1968 have email address on filewith NDAA? Deadline: March 1

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