One thought on “Ralph Neas presentation, ND 50th reunion

  1. ralph neas is just another knee jerk leftist pinko liberal marxist low life scum of the earth loser who lax the sense to come in from the rain. Why is this site printing this bullshit. if you dont like it here, leave. After all there are 20 countries better than the USA, according to pinko ralph. But nobody is leaving.
    Better get used to “the donald”, he will be here for another 6 years. When the liberal losers speak of ending the divisions , they really mean we should all think like they do. America is almost all RED, and getting REDDER every day. I can hardly wait for the RED wave come November. Leftists like neas talk of partisinship as if it were evil. I want to remind all those marxists that if extreme partisanship had existed in Nazi germany, the nazis would never have come to power.But this is the agenda for the extreme alt left, to get Americans to all think alike, to make us beleive that its good to think alike. and then destroy America and all we stand for.

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