Bill Betz death June, 2021

Bill Betz in 1980, photo from John Phillips

John Brady and Kathleen received an email from John Phillips about the death of Bill Betz, friend and former housemate.

John sent this memory of Bill: Attached is photo of Bill from Nov 1980. He was still in the Air Force, stationed at Carswell AFB in Ft Worth, at that time. I don’t know much about his career after that. Bill and I had taken the AF entrance exam together in South Bend in senior year. The writing was on the wall for both of us and we had decided that life in the AF would probably be cleaner and more civilized than life in the Army.  He started active duty a little behind me – OCS at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, then UPT pilot training at Laredo AFB. I don’t know all his service details, but I do know he was a really fine B-52 pilot/commander during and after the Vietnam conflict, including 2 six month TDY combat tours flying out of Guam. After Vietnam I believe he was stationed at Otis AFB for a while and then came to Carswell AFB. Unfortunately we lost contact with each other about 1982/83, so I was really glad when Rick Gutowski arranged a zoom call for the Meade Street roommates in January this year. Bill had a full beard, but under it was the same Bill from the picture in 1980. 

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  1. Bill Betz was in Michael’s and my wedding in 1970. I haven’t seen him since then but have thought of him often.

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