John Alzamora death March 16, 2020

Note the warmth in the memories John’s friends told at the time of John’s Covid-related death.

John died from COVID-19 in May, 2020.  He lived in Harrisburg, PA.  Joe Helfer  wrote this about John: He was a quirky, smart, poetic soul who always treasured his Peruvian roots. After graduating from Notre Dame with an English degree, he went on to become an attorney specializing in education.Mari  Zipes added to Joe’s remarks:   As Joe Helfer so rightly said, “Alzy” was a bit of a poet. Here’s what he wrote in my year book:” Para una mujer linda preciosa, I look upon a pool of cool water/ripply light comes from its edges and delights eye and ear./ In it swim thoughts and words of kindness/and I think of you./from an Iberian who sees on goodness, Alzy.”Added May 11, 2021UPDATE:  Coming up on the 1 year anniversary of John’s death, the family published the following obituary in the Journal News this week…John Anthony Alzamora, Esquire of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey passed away on Saturday, March 16th, 2020 due to complications of Covid-19. Born on December 21, 1946 to the late Dr. Elio F. Alzamora and the late Kathryn Mruzak Alzamora in Neptune, N.J., John was raised in Marlboro, N.J., Lima, Peru, Louisville , Kentucky , White Plains , N.Y. and Pleasantville, N.Y. John graduated from Pleasantville High School in 1964. He received a Magna Cum Laude BA at Notre Dame University in 1968. John earned his Juris Doctor of Law from Penn State Dickinson School of Law in 1975. During his career , he worked as an assistant attorney general for the Pennsylvania Board of Education before going into private practice at Thomas, Thomas, Armstrong and Nielson in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Once retired, he moved to Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey to be closer to family and to care for his aging mother. John is survived by his siblings: Anita and Rod Watson of Mytholmroyd, England; Charles and Rita Alzamora of Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey; Mary and Robert Moss of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey; Eliot and Jenifer Alzamora of Brick, New Jersey plus several adult nieces and nephews as well as his grand-niece Kaelyn and grand-nephew Jack. John will be remembered as a talented poet, artist and gardener. John and his sense of humor and dry wit will be missed by his family and friends. Private services and burial of his remains will be held at a future date 
06/13/20 11:17 AM#1    Tom BossertIt was hard to hear that John had died of Covid-19.  He had been a very good friend through high school and I remember that we visited each other at our homes where I met his dashing Peruvian psychiatrist father and bubbly mother and cheerful sister.  I remember his unusual sensibilities, observations and clever debating style that combined to make for an entertaining and enriching discussion that intrigued me.  I appreciated his self awareness and thoughtfulness and we seemed to enjoy a sense of being outsiders observing and criticizing the strange “normality” of the early post 1950’s Westchester.  We met sometimes during college and for one of our high school reunions and briefly restored our sense of togetherness as we observed the different paths we were taking.  For a short time he and Joe Helfer and I tried to get together perhaps 15 or more years ago but were not able to work out the cross continent logistics and lost touch.  He was a unique person who taught me to appreciate bright and unusual minds and I feel sad that we were not able to restore the closeness we had once shared and now of course it is too late to try. 

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