John Stafford death May 17, 2013


Dear Tom,
     I am writing to let you know about the death of my husband, John H. Stafford, who was a member of the class of 1968.  John was a past board member of the National Alumni Association and the Senior Alumni Association.  He was active in the Pittsburgh club, was a past president,  and a recipient of their Distinguished Service Award.  He was also the co-founder of a yearly raffle that provides money for scholarships to Notre Dame for students from the Pittsburgh area.  One of those scholarships was named in his honor.  He is survived by me, his wife of 43 years, and four children:  John Jr. who got his MBA from ND in 1999, Meg,  ND Class of 96, Michael, and Joe.  John had retired as a shareholder in a local firm, Schneider Downs and Co., Inc., and started his own consulting business in 2011.    I am sorry that he missed being here for his 50th reunion.  It would have meant so much to him.  Notre Dame was a place very dear to his heart.
Sincerely, Judy Stafford
From daughter Meg Delfausse, a photo of John (left) with three classmates: Rick Porach, John Amer, and Dick Crouch.  The four met at a game each year, probably at the entrance to the wardrobe section of Hammes Bookstore.

Obituary: John H. Stafford / Notre Dame advocate and family man


Feb. 7, 1946 – May 11, 2013
May 17, 2013 12:14 am

By Brittany Horn / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

John H. Stafford didn’t just get a degree from the University of Notre Dame — he ensured that many Pittsburgh residents could do the same.

With a passion and determination recognized by many who knew him, the Fox Chapel resident joined forces with fellow alumnus and the Notre Dame Club of Pittsburgh to raise scholarship money to help fund future students at Notre Dame.

Mr. Stafford died from complications of a brain aneurysm Saturday in North Carolina. He was 67.

Growing up in Mt. Lebanon, Mr. Stafford attended South Catholic High School before moving on to Notre Dame.

In his college days, Mr. Stafford could almost always be found lying on his dorm room bed reading Time magazine, a photo of his soon-to-be wife propped nearby on his desk.

Even though his fourth-grade crush Judy Conley was set to join a convent and become a nun — a thought that friend and classmate Dick Crouch said “crushed” Mr. Stafford — he was convinced she would come back to him.

He was right, as proven by their 43 years of marriage and four children.

“I think he and Judy were more in love than anyone I’ve ever known,” Mr. Crouch said.

The couple settled in Fox Chapel a year after Mr. Stafford received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Notre Dame in 1968.

Mr. Stafford’s son Joseph said his father saw where the future of technology was headed and wanted to be a part of it. He gained his master’s degree in computer systems at the University of Pittsburgh, jumpstarting a career he only “half-retired” from last year.

Known in the computer consulting and technology business for his level head and calm nature, Mr. Stafford was considered a trusted leader by colleagues and clients at Aptech Computer Systems Inc. in O’Hara, Golf Digest Information Systems and Schneider Downs, Downtown, throughout his career. Most recently, he served as president of his private consulting firm, Ruby R. Consulting Inc.

“There was never a question with John,” said Raymond Buehler, president and CEO of Schneider Downs. “You didn’t have to look over your shoulder because you knew John was going to do what was right.”

Mr. Stafford never lost his love for Notre Dame football either, embodying the Irish spirit “down to his toes,” Mr. Buehler said.

At least once a year, Mr. Stafford returned to South Bend, Ind., to relive his days at Notre Dame and share his love for the Fighting Irish with his family.

His daughter, Margaret, and his son John Jr. went on to earn degrees from Notre Dame. Mr. Stafford and his wife most recently attended the BCS National Championship Game to see the Fighting Irish take on Alabama.

“He celebrated the little things in life,” Joe Stafford said. “[He said,] ‘If Notre Dame is in the national championship, we’ve got to go, no matter how much it’s going to cost.’ ”

Today, Mr. Stafford’s work is remembered through the local academic scholarship to Notre Dame that bears his name. He also received the Distinguished Service Award for his work with the university in 1986.

In addition to his wife and son Joseph, of Fox Chapel, Mr. Stafford is survived by his sons, John Jr., of Raleigh, N.C., and Michael, of Fox Chapel; daughter, Margaret Delfausse, of Atlanta; his brother, Regis, of Mt. Lebanon; and seven grandchildren.

Friends will be received from 2 to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. Monday at John A. Freyvogel Sons Inc., 4900 Centre Ave. at Devonshire Street.

Mass of Christian Burial will take place at 10 a.m. Tuesday at St. Scholastica Church, 309 Brilliant Ave., Aspinwall.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Notre Dame Club of Pittsburgh Scholarship Fund in care of Susan Hagan, 153 Main Entrance Drive, Pittsburgh; or to the DePaul School for Hearing and Speech, 6202 Alder St., Pittsburgh.


Ralph Moore death – May, 2013

Steve Novak, class of 1971, sent this news of our classmate’s death:

I don’t know what the policy is with respect to those who didn’t finish at ND, but I thought I’d pass along the news that Ralph Moore died earlier this month.

    Ralph started with your class in September 64, but was back home by the time I was applying to schools two years later. So he wasn’t there long, but perhaps a few people remember him. How many black guys could there have been in your class? The 28 in ours apparently were a record high, and about half the black enrollment of the school our freshman year.

   With your reunion on the horizon, I thought I’d pass the bad news along.


May They Rest in Peace – Classmates list May, 2013

Class of 1968 Deceased List

Version: May 30, 2013 – TF


Thomas J. Bernard

Albert J. Berryman

William J. Beyer

Ronald A. Biehler

George F. Boynton

John W. Broderick

Charles A. Claesgens

William V. Clifford, Jr.

Gerard A. DeAngelis

Michael DeCoursey

Michael P. Duddy

Fred K. Duren, Jr.

Mr. J. Michael Farr

Michael R. Flaherty

William J. Foley

John T. Fowler, III

Carl J. Frank

John T. Gassmann

David L. Griffin

Rev. Michael E. Jordan, SOLT

Edward C. Kurtz, Jr.

Lawrence R. Lange

Douglass S. Lubbers

William E. Manrod, III

Ralph Moore, May, 2013

Thomas L. Nelson

Mr. Robert J. Nenoff

Leonard J. Pellecchia

Donald E. Pelner

John F. Pletz, M.D.

George F. Restovich

Captain Paul A. Romanski

Thaddeus V. Samulski

Norbert P. Sliwinski

David C. Spirek

John Stafford, May 17, 2013

Albert W. Stuchlik

John B. Tracy

Gary P. Verleye

Thomas M. Weems, Jr.

Thomas G. Wendel

John A. White



Jack Burkhardt

Mark Biel

Dan Donnelly

Dennis Hunt

Jim Bigham

Mark Van Roosendael

Deceased Listing Class of 1968

First Name Last Name Middle Initial [Degree 1] [Degree 2] [Degree 3]
Kerry Ahern William B.A. Business    
John Allen Guilbert Bachelor of Science Master of Science – Unspecified Doctorate of Philosophy
Frank Allman Dave Bachelor of Arts    
John Amerman Ellis Juris Doctor    
Patricia Baber   Master of Arts    
Peter Baltrinic Paul Master of Arts    
Martin Barry P. Bachelor of Arts    
Emilio Belluomini   B.A. Business Juris Doctor  
Michael Bernard Eugene Bachelor of Arts    
James Bernier Rosario Bachelor of Science    
Ann Bessler Christine Master of Arts    
Robert Bondarenko James B.A. Business    
Andy Boquet   Bachelor of Arts    
Timothy Born Roger B.A. Business    
Philip Bouchard Omer Master of Science – Unspecified    
William Brady O. Juris Doctor Doctorate of Law – Honorary  
John Bratis C. Master of Science – Unspecified Doctorate of Philosophy  
Timothy Brennan Francis Bachelor of Science    
Edmond Brochu Joseph Master of Arts    
Mary Brown Sheila Master of Arts    
Rose Brown Elizabeth Master of Arts    
David Browne John Bachelor of Arts    
Victoria Brush Therese Masters of Business Administration    
Lois Bulishak Marie Master of Arts    
John Burgess A. Bachelor of Arts Juris Doctor  
Ronald Burke Raymond Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts  
Robert Burrows Arthur Bachelor of Arts    
Juneanne Byrne Mcgrath Master of Arts    
George Capps Kenneth Bachelor of Arts    
John Carlin J. Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts  
Robin Carlson Elizabeth Master of Arts    
Thomas Carroll Joseph B.A. Business    
Daniel Casey Wm. Bachelor of Science    
Bernard Castellani Joseph B.A. Business    
Clarence Chambers John Master of Arts    
Frank Claus Donald Master of Arts Master of Arts  
John Clifton William Master of Science – Unspecified    
Timothy Connelly Allan B.A. Business    
John Conner Lee Bachelor of Arts Juris Doctor  
Ronald Conner Robert Bachelor of Science    
M. Conroy James Doctorate of Philosophy    
Mary Conway Ellen Master of Arts    
Edmond Couturier Joseph B.A. Business    
John Crikelair Francis Bachelor of Arts    
John Crutcher Richard Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts Doctorate of Philosophy
M. Daoust Delphine Master of Arts    
Paul Davis Victor B.A. Business    
James DeFilippi Peter B.A. Business    
Joseph Derrico Arthur Bachelor of Arts    
M. Devlin Kenneth Master of Arts    
John Donahue Richter Bachelor of Arts    
Lela Donnelly Marie Master of Arts    
Albert Dudash John Bachelor of Arts Juris Doctor  
Alfred Dugen James Bachelor of Arts    
Louis Duggan Bertrand Master of Arts    
Marvin Enderle Frank Master of Arts    
Norman Fairweather F. Bachelor of Arts    
Judith Fields Marie Master of Arts    
Roosevelt Fitzgerald   Master of Arts    
Eldon Fretz Lavern Master of Arts    
Thomas Friel Michael Master of Arts    
Mary Gefre   Master of Arts    
James Gemperle Paul Bachelor of Science    
Robert Gerke S. Master of Arts Doctorate of Philosophy  
Charles Grable Anthony Bachelor of Arts    
Michael Griffin Fitzpatrick Master of Arts    
M. Gross Neria Master of Arts    
Geoffrey Haas Joseph B.A. Business    
Iva Halbur   Master of Arts    
Esther Hankins Marie Master of Fine Arts    
Betty Hartsough L. Master of Arts    
James Heinlein Lawrence Master of Science – Unspecified    
Bruce Heskett William Bachelor of Arts    
James Hickey Arthur Bachelor of Arts    
Richard Hirsch Allan Juris Doctor    
Roger Hoffman Eugene Bachelor of Science Master of Science – Unspecified  
Charles Hogan Edward Doctorate of Philosophy    
Mary Hoover Leonardine Master of Arts    
George Horn Thomas B.A. Business    
Roger Horning Martin Bachelor of Arts    
Thomas Horty Joseph B.A. Business    
James Howard Marcus B.A. Business Masters of Business Administration  
M. Huettenmueller Johanna Master of Arts Master of Arts  
Mary Hurst Christine Master of Arts    
Edwin Jerome Anthony Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science Master of Science – Unspecified
Donald Johnroe R. Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts  
Robert Johnson Hall B.A. Business    
William Johnson Tell Bachelor of Arts    
Mary Kadyszewski Amandine Master of Arts Master of Fine Arts  
Marianna Kelly   Master of Arts    
Stephen Kirlin Louis Bachelor of Arts    
Tomas Kisielius Andrius Bachelor of Science    
Gerald Knipper Wilfred B.A. Business    
Mary Koczan Lucy Master of Arts    
Robert Kohorst Lawrence Bachelor of Arts    
Madonna Kolbenschlag Claire Master of Arts Doctorate of Philosophy  
Mary Kosters Therese Master of Music    
Thomas Krull Kennedy Bachelor of Science    
David Kubal L. Bachelor of Arts Doctorate of Philosophy  
Virginia Kuhn M. Master of Science – Unspecified    
Elizabeth Lacey   Master of Science – Unspecified    
Kenneth Ladny Joseph B.A. Business    
W. Laffey Thomas Bachelor of Arts    
Gerald Lareau Robert Bachelor of Arts    
John Lauth Peter Bachelor of Arts    
Thomas Lennon Joseph Bachelor of Science    
Mary Lock Nadine Master of Science – Unspecified    
Farrel Lorio   Master of Arts Master of Arts  
Noel Lucas John Master of Science – Unspecified    
J. Lyman Garrett Bachelor of Arts    
Preston MacMurdo   Master of Arts    
James Malooly P. B.A. Business    
Charles Mattei Martin Bachelor of Science Master of Science – Unspecified  
Kenneth May Lee Bachelor of Science    
Dennis McBride Patrick Bachelor of Science    
James McBride E. Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts  
Michael McCafferty Dillon Bachelor of Arts Juris Doctor Master of Arts
M. McCormick Gilberta Masters of Business Administration    
Michael McCormick Timothy Bachelor of Arts    
Joseph McDonald Wm. B.A. Business    
Michael McHarg Owen Bachelor of Science    
Robert Merkle Woods Bachelor of Arts Juris Doctor  
Walter Middleton Fred. Ii Bachelor of Science    
John Milcetich George Bachelor of Science    
Charles Miller Baptist Master of Science – Unspecified    
E. Miller Lawrence Juris Doctor    
Timothy Morrissey Hughes Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts Doctorate of Philosophy
Terrence Mullan Edward B.A. Business    
Patricia Mullins   Master of Science – Unspecified Doctorate of Philosophy  
Frederick Murray O B.A. Business    
Mary Niebling Bernard Master of Arts    
John Noel Edward Bachelor of Arts    
Richard Ostrowski Dale Master of Arts    
M. Palenchar Michael C. Master of Science – Unspecified    
H. Parker Bryce Bachelor of Arts    
Ralph Passarelli S. Master of Arts    
Mary Penkert Grace Masters of Business Administration    
David Pfeffer William Bachelor of Science    
Howard Phalin Vincent Bachelor of Philosophy Doctorate of Law – Honorary  
Howard Phillips Joseph Bachelor of Arts Doctorate of Philosophy  
Ignatius Piotrowiak Mark Bachelor of Arts    
Adele Plachta E. Master of Arts    
Arthur Rambo John Bachelor of Science    
Mary Raymer Lillian Master of Arts    
Thomas Reichenbach Henry Bachelor of Science    
Donald Roberts Francis B.A. Business    
Frank Roche Hartigan Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts Doctorate of Philosophy
John Roche Louis Bachelor of Arts    
Mary Rozman Claude Master of Arts    
Alan Rychlik Francis B.A. Business    
Thomas Sarmir Joseph B.A. Business    
Michael Schroeder John Bachelor of Arts    
Mary Schultz Jonathan Masters of Business Administration    
Frederick Schwartz Albert Bachelor of Arts    
Thomas Sheridan Patrick Bachelor of Arts    
Jon Sherry David Bachelor of Arts    
Melvin Sieks Joseph Bachelor of Architecture    
Veronica Siggins Marie Master of Music    
Jeanne Simons Reidy Master of Arts Doctorate of Philosophy  
Grace Smith   Master of Arts    
James Smith Joseph Master of Arts    
Walter Smith W. Bachelor of Arts Doctorate of Law – Honorary  
Andrew Sossong Charles B.A. Business    
Ramona Stamets H. Master of Arts Master of Fine Arts  
M. Staunton Frances Master of Arts    
John Stephan Philip Bachelor of Science Master of Science – Unspecified  
Joseph Stollar John Bachelor of Arts    
James Sullivan Anthony B.A. Business    
Scholastica Summers   Master of Arts    
Jan Suter Waggoner Master of Science – Unspecified    
Thomas Swoyer Michael Bachelor of Arts    
Theodore Teah Emil Bachelor of Arts    
Kaye Teall Moulton Master of Arts    
Jose Telleria Ignacio Bachelor of Science    
Lucy Terlep Ward Master of Arts    
Vincent Terlep B. Bachelor of Arts    
Michael Tierney J. Master of Arts    
James Tito Vincent Bachelor of Science    
James Toth Eugene Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts  
Arthur Tutela C. Bachelor of Arts    
John Vogel Reinhart Master of Music    
Djuro Vrga Jovan Doctorate of Philosophy    
R. Walker Harley Master of Science – Unspecified    
Edward Ward James Bachelor of Science    
Mark Ward Timothy Bachelor of Arts Juris Doctor  
Daniel Wayne Gregory Bachelor of Science    
William Wead E. No Degree    
Raymond Wheatley Leroy B.A. Business    
Mary Williams Maxine Master of Arts    
Theodore Zacharia Petro Master of Science – Unspecified Doctorate of Philosophy  
Helen Zambrowicz   Master of Science – Unspecified    
Mary Zehe Dolores Masters of Business Administration    

John W. Broderick death – Feb. 15, 2013

John W. Broderick of Ludington, Michigan passed away at home at the age of 66 on 2/15/2013 after a lengthy battle with melanoma. John was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the middle child of John and Alice Broderick. After graduation from the University of Notre Dame, John enlisted in the U.S. Army, completed Officer Candidate School and served overseas tours as a logistical officer in Europe and South East Asia. Upon his return from active duty, John earned an MBA from the University of Rochester and began a 40 year career in the automobile industry. After 10 years in the field wholesale organization of Ford Motor Company, John became the National Training Manager for Subaru of America and later served as their Regional Sales Manager in the Chicago area. The balance of his career was spent as an independent consultant for General Motors educating wholesale and retail personnel in dealership and computer operations. John is survived by his wife Carol, sister, Anne Broderick of Ludington, MI, brother, Bryan (Barbara) Broderick of Camdenton, MO, niece, Dawn (Dan) Stemich of Wildwood, MO, nephew, Sean Broderick of Osage Beach, MO, and many other nieces, nephews, and cousins.


Missing from this summary of John are his broad grin and readiness to laugh.  We got to know John best when Tom Condon, Bob Brady and I shared a small place in Old Saybrook, CT during the summer of 1971.  John, already a good friend of Bob’s, came to see us then and continued to join the Observer group when reunions took place over the years.  You may know already (and can search the report in this blog – look for “Broderick”) that John’s mother was a stunt double for Lucille Ball and other actresses.  She had quite a career, with appearances in many films and TV episodes. – Tom Figel


Michael P. Schaeffer death – January 21, 2013


Age 66, of Upper St. Clair, on Monday, January 21, 2013. Beloved father of Michael B. (Cheryl), Daniel P. (Alfy), Jeffrey T., and Stephanie J. Schaefer; cherished grandpa of Miles D. Schaefer; son of the late Michael M. and Irene Schaefer; brother of Paul S., Robert J. (Kim), and Mark (Louise) Schaefer; also survived by nieces and nephews. Michael was an attorney with General practice in Bethel Park; and avid horse and dog lover, leaving behind his beloved dog, Fanta; a former PA State Senator, 37th Senatorial District; he served in the US Army in Vietnam and received the Bronze Star; and was a graduate of Notre Dame and Georgetown Law School.
Look in the 1968 yearbook and you will find in the Bengal Bouts section a report of Mike’s victory in the 160 pound weight class.  His achievements continued to mount through his lifetime.  Thank you to Richard Reddy, our classmate, for sending the news of Mike’s death.

Eddie Kurtz, January 12, 2013


(As befits such an engaging, colorful friend, Eddie is remembered at a Facebook site named Eddie’s Exes (and lifelong friends).  Even if you didn’t know Eddie well, this site will convince you that you do, and should have known him as well as all these New Orleans friends.  Let’s hope many of the stories are true and some are not.)

KURTZ Edward C. Kurtz, Jr. Former documentary filmmaker, writer, community activist Edward C. Kurtz, Jr. passed away on January 12th after a brief illness. He was 66. He was the son of Marilyn Azcona Kurtz and the late Edward C. Kurtz, Sr. of New Orleans. Eddie was a renowned local public television documentary filmmaker and writer whose works focused on the unique New Orleans experience and chronicled the generation of the 1960s. Eddie was also an adjunct professor at Xavier University. Eddie’s public television documentaries included “The Danny Barker Show,” a biography of the great jazz musician Danny Barker; “This Cat Can Play Anything,” a biography about New Orleans legendary banjo player Manny Sayles; “Piano Players,” a documentary about three generations of New Orleans piano players; and “Which Governs Best” which analyzed the changing role of the U.S. government over the last century and its implications. Eddie also did freelance work and various video clips on New Orleans humorous characters for the television series “Real New Orleans.” His books include August in New Orleans, 1968, Singing for Supper and My Casanova. Eddie was one of the founding members of Tipitina’s and the New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC) and active in various social and educational causes including service on the boards and committees of the Louisiana SPCA, NOVAC, Boys Town, the Krewe of Barkus, and Krewe De Vieux. Eddie was a graduate of Jesuit High School in New Orleans and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature from the University of Notre Dame and his Masters of Arts degree in Broadcasting and Film Production from San Francisco State University. Survivors include his mother, Marilyn Azcona Kurtz; three siblings, William Henry Kurtz (Shelley) of New Orleans, Debbie K. Prejeant (Wayne) of New Orleans, and Tommy J. Kurtz (Rachel) of Prairieville, LA; and four nieces and nephews, Christopher Kurtz of New Orleans, Justin Kurtz of Detroit, Sarah Kurtz and Dylan Kurtz of Prairieville; his cousins-the Byrd and Conforto families; his beloved dogs Golfree and Piper; and his many faithful and cherished friends. The Kurtz family has asked that donations be made in Eddie’s name to the Louisiana SPCA and the New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC). The Kurtz family would like to thank the caring staff of the various facilities of the Ochsner Clinic Foundation, the LHC Group, and River Region Hospice. Funeral services will be private but a memorial chronicling his life’s literary and film contributions will be held next month by his professional colleagues and friends.
Published in The Times-Picayune from January 14 to January 16, 2013

Carl Frank, January, 2013

Carl J. “Bud” Frank, 66, of Riverside, IL; loving husband of Ruth nee Ciastko; treasured and loving father of John C., Kelly (Jason) Rajkowski and Julee (Kevin) Kopka; dearest “Bumpa” of Jaimee, Grace, Audrey and Isabella; dearest cousin and uncle of many. Mr. Frank was an attorney who was actively engaged in the practice of law for more than 40 years. Admitted to practice in Illinois by the Illinois Supreme Court and the three Federal District courts in Illinois, he was also a member of the bar of the Court of Appeals for the Armed Services. He was a retired (December 2008) Captain in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps of the US Navy. He was an honors graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the Notre Dame Law School. Following graduation from law school, Captain Frank reported for active duty and served Surface Warfare Officer tours as Damage Control Assistant and Engineering Officer on the USS Power and USS Charles F. Adams. In 1982, Captain Frank accepted a direct commission in the Judge Advocate General?s Corps of the US Naval Reserve. He served as Defense Counsel/Administrative Officer, VTU LAW 1314; Law of Armed Conflict Attorney, Status of Forces Agreement Attorney and International Agreements Attorney, Commander In Chief, US Naval Forces, Europe; Defense Counsel and Trial Counsel/Training Officer, NR LSO Great Lakes; Executive Officer, VTU LAW 1314; Staff Judge Advocate, Personnel Mobilization Team; Commanding Officer, VTU LAW (awarded the RADM Gerald E. Gilbert Cup as the most outstanding Naval Reserve Law Program Unit in 1997); Deputy Judge Advocate, Naval Reserve Readiness Command, Midwest; Commanding Officer, NR LSO North Central 113; and, Staff Judge Advocate, NR Naval Network and Space Operations Command. He recently served on the Military Affairs Committee of the Illinois Bar Association. Captain Frank’s decorations and awards include the Meritorious Service medal, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (four awards), and various service and commendation awards including the Viet Nam Service Medal and the Republic of Viet Nam Medal. In his civilian life, Mr. Frank was an Assistant Corporation counsel of the City of Chicago, from 1972 to 1973, at which time he prosecuted more than 100 criminal housing management and code enforcement cases. In 1973, he joined the law department of the Burlington Northern. In 1977, Mr. Frank left the Burlington to become the first General Counsel of the Regional Transportation Authority of Northeastern Illinois (RTA). In 1987, Mr. Frank joined Waste Management of North America, Inc., as its Associate General Counsel and was later named region Vice President and General Counsel, directing and managing all legal affairs and litigation in 14 states and three Canadian provinces. In 1997, Mr. Frank left Waste Management and established the law firm that became Frank & Pirok, Ltd. and was also Of Counsel to the law firm of Amari & Locallo. Mr. Frank was also active in his community, where, most recently, he was a member of the Riverside Caucus. As his children were growing up, he coached Little League and actively participated in Indian Guides and Princesses. He performed Pro Bono legal work for many. Visitation Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013 from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. and Friday, Jan. 4, 8:45 a.m. till time of services at 9:30 a.m. at Ivins/Moravecek Funeral Home 80 E. Burlington St. Riverside to St. Mary Church, Mass 10:00 a.m. Entombment Resurrection Mausoleum. Donations to a Veteran Organization of your choice would be appreciated. Funeral info at 708-447-2261 or

Published in Chicago Tribune on January 2, 2013

John T. Fowler death – December, 2012

FOWLER, JOHN T. III, 66, of Louisville, passed away Tuesday, December 18, 2012.

He was a practicing attorney for over 40 years, a graduate of University of Notre Dame and the University of Louisville Law School. John was actively involved in the University of Louisville Law School Alumni Association and the Notre Dame Club of Kentucky, former member of the Kentucky Board of Governors, Louisville Bar Association, Kentucky Bar Association, Greater Louisville Training Club, and St. Louis Bertrand Catholic Church. 

John is preceded in death by his parents, John T. Fowler and Lucille Kinnarney Fowler. 

He is survived by his wife, Linda Mahoney Fowler, daughter, Robin Dunkerley; sister, Marilyn Eiferman (Rich); and several loving nieces and nephews. 


Each year’s Kentucky Derby event brings memories of John’s ardor for the annual competition. The approach of the race also brings the memory of John’s kindness, and of the gracious courtesy shown to me and to the other classmates the Fowlers allowed John to bring home. The race weekends were great but more vital, I know, was the patience John showed as he led me to a passing grade in the freshman chemistry class. We had too little contact after our graduation: only a quick visit in Louisville more than 25 years ago. Anyone who bet on John bet on the right horse. – Tom Figel

Rev. Matthew M. Miceli, C.S.C. Dec. 9, 2012

John Pearson, C.S.C. sent word of the death of Father Matthew Miceli, C.S.C., who was rector of Cavanaugh Hall during our time:


Rev. Matthew M. Miceli, C.S.C.
Jan. 2, 1923 – Dec. 9, 2012

Rev. Matthew Mitchell Miceli, C.S.C., 89, died Sunday (Dec. 9, 2012) at Holy Cross House, Notre Dame, Ind.

He was born on Jan. 2, 1923, in San Giuseppe Jato, Italy, to Carmelo and Maria (Migliore) Miceli. The family settled in upstate New York when Fr. Miceli was six years old. He graduated from Oswego High School, Oswego, N.Y., in 1942. He was received into the Congregation of Holy Cross on Aug. 15, 1943 at the Novitiate in Rolling Prairie, Ind., and made his First Profession of Vows on Aug. 16, 1944. Fr. Miceli received a Bachelor’s Degree in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame in 1947; a Bachelor of Sacred Theology from the Gregorian University, Rome, in 1949; and a Licentiate in Sacred Theology from Catholic University, Washington, D.C., in 1952. Fr. Miceli made his Final Profession on Aug. 16, 1947, and was ordained into the priesthood on Feb. 9, 1952, in Washington, D.C. He also studied theology at Holy Cross College in Washington from 1952 to 1954.

After studying in Washington, Fr. Miceli taught at Notre Dame from 1954 to 1962. He also served as Rector of Stanford Hall for three years. In 1962, he taught at the University of Portland (Ore.). Fr. Miceli taught at Notre Dame for the next 30 years, from 1963 to 1993. He also served as Rector of Cavanaugh Hall from 1963 to 1990, holding the record at the time as longest-serving Rector of the same residence hall. A Cavanaugh alumnus set up a Rev. Matthew Miceli Scholarship in his honor and 17 children have been named after him: 16 Matthews and one Matthea. Following his stint as Rector, Fr. Miceli lived in-residence at Notre Dame, helped with student hall and garden management and regularly celebrated Mass in chapels across campus and in retirement communities in South Bend. He also kept up with wine making and his small vineyard on Bulla Road. Fr. Miceli moved to Holy Cross House, Notre Dame, Ind., in 2007, where he remained until his death.

Survivors include a brother, Francis of Pleasant Hill, Calif., and a niece, Maria Miceli Dotterweich who lives in Jackson, Michigan and other nieces and nephews in New York. Fr. Miceli was preceded in death by his parents, Carmelo and Maria, and a brother Bart.