More, Larry Forness letter after Nov. 8 Boston College game

Something else you can add to my letter, if you so choose.
A bunch of us guys in the 60's lifted weights at Fr. lange's Gym in Brownson Hall. We called ourselves “Fr. Lange's Boys,” and “Lead Heads.” We are having a reunion next spring on the weekend of the Blue-Gold game.
One of the guys thought it woulk be cool to have something like a T-shirt with some neat words of identity, or whatever, and maybe an ND emblem. I remember in law school being fascinated with property rights, licensing, etc. I thought, “Hmmmm, if we wanna draw a simple 'ND' on a t-shirt, is the University gonna go apoplectic over a couple dozen old bastards wearing t-shirts around for a coupla days?” Two weeks ago, I called the ND Licensing Department and was warned — warned, mind you — that I MUST (harumph, harumph) submit ANY logo for pre-approval by the Licensing Dept, PLUS the ONLY entity allowed to manufacture the shirts would be an APPROVED vendor — approved by the Licensing Dept, obviously. And, you know that the vendor is gonna jack up the price thru the roof just because it has a logo on it AND to give the Licensing Dept. a cut of the action.
Welllllll, shit. If us Lead Heads were to have t-shirts made, they would only be for PRIVATE, NON-COMMERCIAL use. I made that abundantly clear to the people in the Licensing Dept. No good. Seems like they have the government syndrome of thinking I exist for their convenience and work for them — and not the other way around — and that they must fling their edicts far and wide to justify their own existence, and we must grovel and genuflect in front of the Altar of Pecuniary Passion erected on their domain. Uh, huh. Don't bet on it, Sparky.

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